Well here we go again. What is wrong with these people? I’m sorry but I get angry at people that are elected to do a job for the tax payers that do nothing but cause trouble and hold up the work that needs to be done. Contempt of parliament is a joke. As far as I’m concerned they are all in contempt. Seems to me at the last election the Opposition pledged to work together to help get the work done but all I’veĀ  seen them do is plot ways to hold things up and cause trouble. And I’m certainly not in favor of a coalition that tries to be all things to all people to the determent of the majority. I want a government that actually serves the electorate, not their own interests. I am certain I would like my tax dollars going to fighter jets and prisons rather than unnecessary elections. Not sure if I can stand 5 weeks of listening to these people. At least where I live I will only see the one person that actually wants my vote and who cares enough to come out to talk to us and represent us. Thanks for being a great representative of rural Canadians Kevin. You have my vote.


Here I am world!

And just where is that you may ask. I’m a small town girl from the prairies and proud it. I have a very hard time imagining ever having to live in a city. Don’t get me wrong I have done it. Three years in fact to get some big city education. Got to say I left as soon as I could and never looked back. I do love quick visits if it includes visiting my kids or a quick shopping trip but I can’t stay long. Too much stress. Too many people and traffic. Noise, pollution and people who don’t seem to be much concerned about what happens outside the city. I resent that I am forced to the city for specialists, shopping and any government business I might need to access. Give me small town living where I know pretty much everyone I meet on the street and their family histories. Five minutes to pick up milk if you don’t stop to talk. Intelligent well versed people who have a broad understanding of how the world works, as in where their food comes from and their oil. They value a good basic education, clean air and friends and neighbors who come to your aid whenever you need them. I don’t farm but I do understand that early march calves are not good when you still have 3 feet of snow on the ground. I look forward to a great evening out with my book club friends as we discuss current literature. Politics are hands on and everyone pitches in to get things done. Life is more deliberate here, more interactive with those around you. Can’t think of a better way to live.