Enduring Rituals

35 years ago a family ritual was started. It happened not because it had its roots in ancient memories or because of religious reasons. It was born out of poverty caused by being newlyweds with children living in a small town. We did not have high expectations or extravagant needs. Our options were limited and funds more so. The need to be met was how we can celebrate our Anniversary or birthdays.

Now there are no high class restaurants where we live. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of places to get a great meal but nowhere to go for an intimate dining experience. And remember I said our funds were limited and we had small children. By the time you add babysitting, wining and dining and some entertainment the cost for us was prohibitive. What to do?

The best wedding present we got was a fondue pot. Remember they were very trendy in the early seventies. We opted for a fancy meal and movie night. The kiddos were all tucked into bed, a nice bottle of our favorite wine was uncorked and a few of the latest movies were rented at the local movie gallery. And the meal was spectacular. Steak, chicken, shrimp accompanied with mushrooms, peppers, onions and garlic bread was set out ready to fondue. It was a private time reserved for special occasions and it cost a fraction of the cost of going out.

Over the years the kids grew and the special evenings continued with the kids having their own night. Pizza was made and a special movie was on tap for them upstairs with strict instructions not to bother the grownups. They have since left the nest but the fondue nights still continue. It is still important to mark milestones with a special meal and celebration. And it is still cost effective and private.

In this day and age of economic stress it is still a viable option for couples anywhere. Find something special you like to eat, crack open a bottle of wine, put the kids to bed and relax with some favorite movie or Netflix series. Remember no matter what is going on in your busy life it is still important to celebrate why you are together. Start your own ritual and build memories.


Author: boomerbanter

I'm a 50 something Grandma that loves God, her family and living in rural remote western Canada.

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