Vancouver, Post Canucks

I might as well weigh in on this sad day post loss of the Stanley Cup. Where do these people come from that think it is OK to riot and destroy property in the name of sports or for that matter anything? It amazes me that people go around causing trouble for others in the name of some misguided passion. It was only a game and in the greater scope of importance it really doesn’t matter. Get over it. I really don’t think it was true fans causing the trouble, although liquor can cause a miss guided sense of following with out thinking. It seems to me that Vancouver has its fair share of people that think it is important to protest and cause trouble whenever, where ever. In spite of what they may think they do not represent most of the people and I think they should be prosecuted for civil disobedience when necessary, especially when they think it OK to wreck stuff and endanger others. Maybe if our laws were toughened up people would start using their heads. Good for Boston for leaving town as quickly as possible. Seems your fans were more deserving of this win.