Election 2

I can hardly stand it anymore. Pretty happy we only have a few more days to listen to the ads. You would think they could come up with a little  more of what they will do instead of slamming the other parties. I don’t know why I am surprised though. The opposition leaders never planned on working for Canadians after the last election. They have done their darnedest to undermine any work that could be done. Forcing an election when no one wanted another one on a contempt of Parliament vote none the less. “Let them who are with out sin throw the first stone.” I guess the opposition parties have never done anything remotely suspect. After the last election each one of the leaders pledged to work together with the other parties, who knew that meant they would form a Coalition to try to have their way when they couldn’t win the right by election. I find it a bit frightening that the Liberals and NDP are so willing to pander to The Block who make no bones about wanting separation for Quebec.  As a westerner I get a bit tired of the everyone worrying about the eastern vote and either ignoring or slamming the west. It is the oil from Alberta that have been paying for the East for years. The Block could care less about us. The NDP are all about spending all our money on Social programs to the detriment of business which actually employs us and fuels the economy. The Liberals are just plain scary with no real leadership and not to mention their track record was suspect and they really don’t care about the west. The Green Party means well but they really aren’t contenders. And then there are the Conservatives that have also done a few suspect things but I do believe they have the best interest of the whole country at heart and at least they live it the real world. You can’t go promising the moon when there is no money in the bank. I feel a whole lot safer voting for someone who is trying to get the debt under control ( a debt that they inherited from the last guys). It is wonderful to expect all the new and shinny kinds of health care, factories that emit only water from their stacks, politicians that never make mistakes for take advantage of their positions but folks, I live in the real world. Hasn’t happened and it’s not going to happen in my lifetime. The best we can hope for in the election that nobody but Michela Ignatief and Jack Layton wanted would be a majority Government. But with all the regional differences and lack of real direction we will undoubtedly see another minority. The opposition will continue to sabotage the work that needs to get done and we will have yet again another costly election in a year or two. If we spent the money we have spent on elections on social programs, the environment or paying down the debt we would be farther ahead. Maybe we just need to reform the way we do business and do away with parties and actually let the elected officials represent the people who elected them. Of course that would still give the east the balance of power as they have so many more people. Maybe Giles Duceppe has the right idea.

Remember to vote.

And Go Canucks.


Author: boomerbanter

I'm a 50 something Grandma that loves God, her family and living in rural remote western Canada.

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