Book Club

I belong to a book club. It happened by chance one day a little over a year ago on face book.  Someone mentioned they belonged to one and almost instantly a new one was formed with 7 random people varying in ages and stations in life. What a blessing it has become. We meet every 4 to 6 weeks and take turns hosting and picking books to read. The selections are as eclectic as the girls who choose them and I am so glad to have read books I may never have picked up, much less heard of. We get together and share our thoughts and discuss the books often sharing a glass of wine and a few munchies. Last week we had such fun together and it is wonderful to see our friendships growing. It was such a welcome break from this dreary winter and it gave us all such a lift. Last weeks book, 127 Hours by Arron Ralston. Next month it’s Ami McKay’s The Birth House. Read along with us.


Author: boomerbanter

I'm a 50 something Grandma that loves God, her family and living in rural remote western Canada.

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